Trevor James Classic Alto Sax

Trevor James Classic Alto Sax

  • £599.00

The Trevor James 'Horn' Classic Alto Saxophone has been a popular student model instrument since its release in 1994; this is largely due to the excellent build quality and the affordable price tag. The 'Horn' models made an appearance in 2012 and have stayed faithful to the design of the 1994 models but have upgraded parts to make playing easier and improve quality. Features include:

- Free blowing
- Durable
- High quality mouthpiece, neck strap and case with carrying straps provided
- Updated crook design
- Pisoni pads with metal reflectors
- Ligature and cap
- Vandoren 1 1/2 reed to get you started
- Beginner to upper intermediate level
- Gold lacquer body and mechanism

Finish options:

- Black body with gold lacquer mechanism
- Silver-plated body and mechanism
- Black with silver-plated mechanism
- Frosted black body and mechanism

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