Yamaha PSRE333 with Stool and Stand *Second-hand*

Yamaha PSRE333 with Stool and Stand *Second-hand*

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Ideal as a starter keyboard for your child or yourself.

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Why is touch-sensitive important?

Every good piano teacher will tell you that touch-sensitivity is a must-have feature on your instrument from day one. An acoustic piano is a touch-sensitive instrument where you can play quietly or loudly depending on how hard you press the key. Therefore the ability to recreate this and thus play expressively is essential for anyone wanting to acquire proper piano technique.

Can I use this to do my piano grades?

We strongly recommend you look into Yamaha's range of weighted pianos (digital or acoustic) such as an Arius YDP161 if buying an instrument to take you through the piano grades. Many people don't intend to go as far as piano grades, just want a keyboard for fun, or just want to learn the basics (notes, chords etc) in which case this is a great affordable instrument to buy.

USB connection

If you are using Garageband, Sibelius or any other notation or recording software, PSRE333 will act as your controller keyboard as well.

What else do I need?

PSRE333 includes a mains adaptor. We recommend you buy a stand for it (Yamaha L2C, Quiklok T10, KXS-A6 or similar- see below) and a pedal (Yamaha FC4 or FC5); not necessary for the keyboard to function but every budding pianist needs one at some point! Don't forget to look into our range of headphones, dust covers and keyboard bags as well.

Full description:

The PSR-E333 features a touch sensitive keyboard, offering piano-like control of volume and tone depending on how hard you press the keys

61 key (5 octave) full size keys
497 voices (sounds)
Yamaha Portable Grand
106 accompaniment styles
102 preset songs
2-track recording system
dual-split and harmony effects
reverb, chorus and Ultra Wide Stereo
497 voices
A vast library of realistic instrument sounds available at the touch of a button

Yamaha Portable Grand
Experience the classic sound of a grand piano.Simply by pressing the Portable Grand button, the entire keyboard is set to play piano-style, with a high quality grand piano sound at your fingertips

106 accompaniment styles
A huge range of accompaniment styles create the sensation of playing with backing musicians. Styles are also a great way to learn about different types of music to expand your musical horizons and knowledge

Music Database
Music Database provides one touch set-up of the keyboard to instantly play selected songs. Simply select the appropriate song from Music Database, and the keyboard is set-up automatically - all you have to do is play !

2-track recording system
The Easy Recording feature lets you record up to five songs. These are saved into onboard memory: ideal for practising and composing.

Computer Connectivity
The PSR-E333 connects easily to computers with the built-in USB terminal (to host).

Dual, split and harmony effects
Dual combines two sounds together (e.g. piano and strings) to give a fuller sound. Split enables a different sound to be played at each end of the keyboard. Harmony creates a multi-part sound from just one note

Auto Power Off mode with adjustable timer
The PSR E-333 comes with a new eco-friendly function that turns off the power automatically if the keyboard has not been used for some time, avoiding unnecessary power consumption

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