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Eastman Jazz Guitars


In my opinion Eastman guitars are the best value jazz and acoustic guitars in production today. As a shop we have sold them for a number of years now and they’ve fast become our best selling jazz guitar with many satisfied customers from the UK and Europe. Unlike many other brands Eastman believe in only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship which gives a level of tone and playability not found in any other brands at this price.


Eastman guitars are carved by hand, at the factory they use virtually no power tools aside from the band saws used to cut out the necks and the outlines of the tops and backs of instruments. Chisels, knives, gouges and scrapers in the hands of outstandingly gifted craftspeople are the primary tools used to create the outstanding guitars. No laminate wood is used anywhere on Eastman guitars, this will give you an ‘open’ sounding tone rich with complex overtones as only a solid wood instrument can. The instruments are crafted by skilled luthiers in a dedicated workshop in Beijing, China, they do not make instruments for anyone else and nobody makes instruments for them -they are arguably the finest workshop in China.



Another satisfied customer!


Hi Dan,

Gigged with the Eastman for the first time last night. All I can say is WOW what a guitar. it is so responsive, great for rhythm and lead. What I love about playing Jazz is the improvising and with the Eastman its great, you only have to take it up a notch (not loud and over the top) and the sound changes, it's incredible it leads you into all sorts of ideas. It sounded great with my old Fender valve amp and as the guitar and the amp warmed it the sounded got better.

I'm really glad I took your advice and brought it. It seems to have taken my playing to another level. I can't stop playing it.

Peter Whittaker

(Talking about an AR810CE L/H)

Eastman Guitars, UK's biggest stockist