Yamaha YFL212 Flute

Yamaha YFL212 Flute

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This is the new Yamaha YFL212 Student model flute. Released in early 2016, this model boasts many changes that will allow the beginner level player to progress to around a grade 5 standard. Yamaha have built on the previous design of the YLF211, which came highly recommended by players and teachers a like, to produce a more free blowing, reliable flute.

Features include:

Nickel silver plated head joint, body and mechanism.
Closed holes.
Offset G Key.
Split E mechanism.
C Foot joint.
Drawn and curled tone holes.
Pointed key arms # Also known as 'French' pointed key arms, this is a key design borrowed from higher Yamaha models that improves the keys sturdiness and how the pad underneath closes. Meaning the flute plays more easily and the pad wear is more spread out across the pad, increasing pad life.
Comes with case, cover and cleaning equipment.
Available as straight or curved head (to order).
2 Year manufactural warranty.

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