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Due to the large range of different keys available we cannot guarantee that your chosen key will be in stock, in which case we will contact you with details upon receiving your order.
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Hohner Big River Harp MS

Condition: New

Price : £19.99 (Inc. VAT)

Large Sound, Low Price. This attractive and robust instrument is a quality staple for beginners and a sure performer for seasoned veterans. An original Hohner harmonica at an affordable...[more]

Hohner Marine Band Classic Harmonica

Condition: New

Price : £27.99 (Inc. VAT)

The classic sound of the Blues! The original blues harmonica with the legendary sound. The Marine Band with its traditional pearwood comb and unique cover design has been manufactured...[more]

Hohner Blues Harp MS

Condition: New

Price : £28.99 (Inc. VAT)

The MS harp with the wood body. Wood body construction gives the Blues Harp the raw blues sound that so many professionals demand....[more]

Hohner Pro Harp MS

Condition: New

Price : £29.99 (Inc. VAT)

Elegant Looks and Style. Greblon coated covers in matt black finish give this model an unmistakable appearance. Available in all major keys....[more]

Hohner Cross Harp MS

Condition: New

Price : £44.99 (Inc. VAT)

Strong and Noble Tone. The gold plated plastic comb, black Greblon coated covers and extra thick (1.05 mm) reed plates make the Cross Harp a stylish model with a big sound....[more]

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