Proguard Custom Fit Earplugs for Musicians and DJ's (UK Only)

Proguard Custom Fit Earplugs for Musicians and DJ's (UK Only)

  • £149.95

Engineered for Musicians, DJs, concert goers and clubbers the NEW ProGuard Custom Music will totally cater for your listening needs. They fit deep into the ear canal so are inconspicuous and sit comfortably there for long periods of time without it becoming uncomfortable or feeling obtrusive. Manufactured from soft medical grade silicon they will require very little maintenance over their lifetime just the occasional wash in warm soapy water and a quick dry before inserting them into the ear is all that is required.

Every ProGuard Music earplug comes fitted with a choice of it's own replaceable acoustic filter (extra filters are available at extra charge). The filter is the clever and new part, a completely new design and constructed using intricate membrane technology. The filter is engineered to give you the best acoustic response available, every membrane filter is finely tuned and tested to allow a certain amount of sound to pass through un-cluttered. Enabling you to hear music as it should be played only at a lower level, with its original sound clarity intact.


Proguard Low Acoustc Filter = SNR 15dB
ProGuard Mid Acoustic Filter = SNR 18dB
ProGuard High Acoustic Filter = SNR 19dB
Proguard Music earplugs come in clear as standard but are also available in white, black, blue, clear, orange, red and yellow at no extra charge.

ProGuard Promise

ProGuard recognise the importance of individual hearing products, we will simplify every stage of getting your own custom fit products made. Of course each product in the range will require impressions of your ears. The process is completely painless and will take no longer than 15 minutes. If you want to get a full understanding of the process where it is fully explained, go to the audiology section on this site. Because we offer a straight out of the box solution, arrangements will be made for impressions to be taken of your ears at one of our locations nationally. Once this procedure has been carried out, you just need to send them back to us in the pre-paid box supplied and in approximately 14 days your own Custom Fit hearing product will arrive at your doorstep.

Design - In Canal with replaceable acoustic filters Material - Soft Medical Grade silicon in choice of colours. Filters - 15, 18 and 19dB Approvals - EN 352-2

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