ProGuard Lin-Ear PR10 EarPlugs

ProGuard Lin-Ear PR10 EarPlugs

  • £19.99

An excellent set of musicians earplugs, the ProGuard Lin-Ear PR10 features a re-usable 10dB linear attenuation filter. The filter fits neatly into soft flexible grey silicon eartips (2 sizes included, standard and small) that provide comfort and durability even after long periods of use. Fitting deep into the ear canal the earplug is discreet and has no protrusion allowing the user to wear headphones or other types of headwear if required.

It's not just an earplug, but more a hearing enhancer! It will reduce the sound environment by about 10dB. Not too much in terms of volume but a lot in terms of acoustic energy and how the ear will respond to it. With a 10dB reduction the PR10 will allow the ear to work more comfortably within its dynamic range, helping to improve the music quality and allowing the ear to listen rather than fight to restricted noise levels. The musical content can sometimes also create problems with unexpected peaks in the programme especially during live sound performances. The PR10 will give you help to alleviate these by lowering the overall sound by 10dB.

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