Henriksen 110ER Amplifier

Henriksen 110ER Amplifier

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The same sound and features as the JazzAmpTM 10-R, but with TWICE the power. The 110 can cover any jazz gig from small rooms to large ones, no matter how heavy your drummer's hands are. The 10-Plus also has plenty of headroom for use with a 7-string guitar.

  • Size: 14" X 14" X 8", 24 lbs.
  • Controls: Volume, 5-band graphic equalizer, reverb with on/off switch and wet/dry mix control.
  • Power: Maximum power on the JazzAmpTM 110 is 160 watts at 4 ohms (this requires an extension cabinet). As shipped with a single 8 ohm speaker it delivers 120 watts.
  • Speaker: Eminence# Beta-A 10. Construction: 11-ply Finland Birch, steel chassis, Tolex covering with metal corners.
  • Line Out: Yes Extension Speaker Jack: Yes (must be an 8 ohm speaker cabinet) 230v/115v Selector Switch: Yes

Weight: 11Kg H.35.5cm W.35.5cm D.20.3cm

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