Henriksen Jazzamp 312 Amp

Henriksen Jazzamp 312 Amp

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The JazzAmpTM 312 is the third generation JazzAmp 12? combo jazz guitar amplifier. It delivers amazing jazz guitar or bass tone in 37 lb package with a feature set to cover just about any situation. The JazzAmp 312 features a 12? Eminence Beta speaker and a defeat-able Eminence tweeter for an even, full range response in a cabinet designed to handle the low end of an upright bass yet maintain high end complexities necessary for guitar. The Beta 12? speaker gives you a warm, dark and mellow tone and the tweeter creates a high frequency dimension that sparkles and really brings out acoustic qualities of your guitar, and will add an acoustic quality to your solid body guitars or EUB#s.

This new generation JazzAmp has a lot of upgrades including:

Improved Power # The new JazzAmp has an increased clean headroom of around 12%, and operates much more efficiently which greatly improves the tonal quality and responsiveness of the amps. The power amplifier has been re-engineered using a new grounding scheme and improved AC filtering for the lowest possible operating noise.
Input Gain Control # One issue the JazzAmp always had is that while it works wonderfully with most humbuckers, it could be problematic with floating pickups or extremely hot pickups. The addition of our input gain control provides the ability to adjust the input stage of the amplifier to the pickup#s particular needs and gives the player optimum dynamic control.
Phantom powered combo 1/4?/XLR input jack # Traditionally the addition of this feature gives the player the option of using an instrument microphone as well as a standard pickup, or instruments with active on-board systems which use XLR cables and phantom power. But we also see these as the future of analog instrument inputs because it allows for the use of a powered buffer cable (future product to be released late 2015). The phantom power is a full 48 volts.
10kHz EQ Band Replaced by 7.2kHz # A common complaint about the JazzAmp was that the 10kHz control didn#t seem to do anything, and it didn#t do very much that the average person could hear. The 7.2kHz range is much more useful as a presence control and can really dial the tweeter in.
Reverb # The reverb on the JazzAmp has been completely redesigned using the much improved Accutronics BTDR-2-S for better reliability and a fantastic, natural sound. The Belton part can also be easily replaced with a longer tail version if so desired.
Headphone Jack # Not just a headphone jack, but it will also defeat the internal speaker when using a dummy plug so people can use an external cabinet with or without the main JazzAmp speaker.
Studio Grade Line Out # The new Line Out is a studio-quality design that puts out an exceptionally high quality, low noise, low-impedance balanced signal. It is post-EQ and post-reverb.
Improved Tweeter Integration with Custom Designed Crossover # we have on-boarded the crossover for the tweeter using a custom wound toroidal inductor to reduce unwanted noise and to optimize the tweeter for use with our specific designs, which results in a much glassier high end.

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