Mambo 10 Wedge

Mambo 10 Wedge

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Exclusive Retailer

We are very proud to announce that we are stocking the fantastic Mambo amps which are made in the UK and exported around the world to discerning jazz guitar players. They are rated at 200w as a stand alone combo and will go up to 500w if used with an external speaker.
From Jon himself:
Mambo Amps are hand-built in our superbly equipped 2000 square-foot workshops in the Pennines near Manchester (England). The pcbs for the electronics are gold plated, made in Scotland and hand-assembled in our workshops. The volume and tone pots are highest quality with metal shafts and centre-detent and are hand-wired for robustness and reliability. The Mambo Amp is carefully designed to be as noiseless as possible for recording studio use, no switch-on pops, no hums or buzzes etc., with particular attention to making it immune to radio interference and mobile-phone interference. The main power supply and power amplifier incorporate overcurrent and overtemperature protections which make them short-circuit proof and extremely robust and reliable. We build our own cabinets in-house from top-quality Scandinavian birch ply, with each cabinet carefully inspected and hand-finished.

Weight; 8.1 kg,
Size; 31 by 31 by 25 cm
Brief Specification
Two guitar input jacks
Volume / gain
Power on LED
Bright / normal / deep switch
Clean / harmonic switch
Master volume
Reverb depth
Reverb room size / dwell
Effects send
Effects return
Direct out
Headphone out
Line in for mp3 /cd etc
Max audio output 500 watt rms output at 1% THD with an 8 Ohm extension speaker
200 watts rms at 0.1% THD with the internal

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