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Jumping Cow Brown Felt Pick

Condition: New

Price : £2.00

Compressed felt pick for ukulele which gives a lighter strumming sound than a traditional plastic pick.

Jumping Cow Leather Pick

Condition: New

Price : £3.00

These heavy full-grain hide leather picks combine substance with the soft touch that only a natural product can give.  Strumming your ukulele or banjo with a Jumping Cow pick opens up a...[more]

Aquila Uke Strings

Condition: New

Price : £6.95

Until the mid 20th century ukuleles were strung with gut which combined excellent promptness of attack with brilliant tone. Unfortunately though, gut was not very durable and, being affected...[more]

Ohana Rhythm Ring

Condition: New

Price : £6.95

This revolutionary new rhythm shaker is perfect to take with you wherever you go. Play it with the ukulele, guitar, Djembe, Cajon, bongos, congas, drums, frame, body percussion and much...[more]

Ukulele Player Pack

Condition: New

Price : £10.00

This pack includes the popular Jumping Cow leather and felt picks along with the 'Rhythm Ring' so you can keep strumming your uke in style! Free UK P+P

Gretsch G9101 Camp Uke

Condition: New

Price : £109.00

Gretsch G9101 Camp Uke:   The new G9101 NYC Camp Uke is a must-have for every uke collector! A faithful recreation of the circa 1925-1935 Gretsch "Camp" uke, it's...[more]

Shortbass One

Condition: New

Price : £399.00

An acoustic bass ukulele (with a pickup). Unlike the Kala U-Bass this instrument has a lot more acoustic sound but is bigger in the body. It is complete with a gig bag and is a great...[more]

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