Sight Reading Success Piano Gr 5

Sight Reading Success Piano Gr 5

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Every book in the exciting new Sight Reading Successseries features a wealth of expert and practical advice written by experienced examiners and teachers, helping you to achieve triumph in your sight reading exams. Uniquely, each book is accompanied by a CD, providing much-needed guidance through each test and demonstrating how it should sound (with Vocals by Kate Johnson and Piano by Harriet Power). Sight Reading Success Grade 5 is ideal for independent use by students of all ages looking to gain confidence for the sight reading portion of their exams, as well as pianists of any ability looking to improve their abilities at this crucial skill. The Sight Reading Success series is an exceptional way for Piano students to be taken through the fundamentals of sight reading. The Grade 5 book features an overview of topics like advanced keys and key signatures, more developed musical terms and signs and more advanced rhythmic devices and techniques. At the conclusion of the book, lots of new pieces are provided so that you can practise your sight reading and gain invaluable experience with attempting to sight read. The CD allows you to listen to each track and therefore make sure you are getting it 100% correct 100% of the time.

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