Orange Acoustic Pre TC Preamp

  • £702.00

The world's first stereo valve acoustic preamp/active DI, the Orange Acoustic Pre affords acoustic players the same warmth, natural compression and rich harmonics previously only available to electric guitarists and hi-fi audiophiles.
Channel A is a unique ECC83/12AX7 valve channel for active and passive instruments. The valve circuitry operates in a totally different way to most electric guitar amplifiers and has been designed to amplify a much wider frequency range.
The analogue solid state Channel B has a different, slightly softer character with outstanding clarity. This channel has inputs for either a microphone or an instrument, and features switchable 48V phantom power. Both channels can be used independently or blended together.
Each channel has a three-band EQ with a semi-parametric mid control, plus switches to correct feedback and phasing issues, whilst the onboard stereo reverb adds stunning ambience if desired.
On the rear, the preamp features flexible routing options, including independent effects loops and balanced DI outputs for each channel.

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