Bach Cello Suites 1-4 for Guitar

Bach Cello Suites 1-4 for Guitar

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Bach Cello Suites 1-4 Guitar Wright

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Cello Suites 1 - 4 by Bach arranged for Guitar published by Cadenza. For more than a century guitarists have been irresistibly drawn to Bach#s remarkable cello suites. Here, for the first time, are the first four in the easiest and most resonant guitar keys. Suites I#IV must be transposed to work on the guitar, whereas Suite V is always played in A minor, in Bach#s own lute version, and the equally demanding Suite VI can only be played in its original key of D. By adding as little as possible, these arrangements preserve the integrity of the originals, in which melody, bass and harmony are woven effortlessly into a single fabric. They also, crucially, offer the guitarist Bach at a lower level of difficulty than his music for lute or unaccompanied violin.

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