Gambetta Flatpicking Sourcebook

Gambetta Flatpicking Sourcebook

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The Flatpicking Sourcebook is a comprehensive collection that teaches the fundamental techniques involved in this important playing method. Written by Italian virtuoso Beppe Gambetta, this weighty book covers all the essentials along with examples in standard notation, tab and downloadable demonstrations.

Flatpicking is a Guitar technique that involves playing with a plectrum, as opposed to the fingers. A master of this technique, and many styles of music, Beppe Gambetta is your guide in this newly-translated edition of his definitive guide to playing in this style.

From the fundamentals - left and right hand techniques, plectrum grip - all the way to solo pieces, duets and ensemble arrangements, this is both a fantastic introduction to Flatpicking Guitar, and a useful resource for more experienced players looking for a reference work.

Other essential topics in The Flatpicking Sourcebook are warm-ups, strumming, crosspicking, scales, improvisation, open tunings and different arrangements. Not only will Gambetta teach you how to flatpick, you will get important practice with the 75 exercises, licks, solo pieces, and other arrangements, also demonstrating the full extent of this fascinating and rich style.

The accompanying download card includes demonstrations of all the material by Beppe Gambetta himself, letting you hear a true master show you how it's done.

This thorough and authoritative Flatpicking Sourcebook is a detailed guide to the techniques and fundamentals of an inimitable style passed down through generations of genius musicians.

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