Guitar All in One for Dummies

Guitar All in One for Dummies

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Your comprehensive, hands-on guide to playing guitar.

Have you always wanted to play the guitar? You can start today with these 8 minibooks. Covering both acoustic and electric guitar, this hands-on resource gives you all the instruction you need to play across multiple genres, whether you're a beginner or an experienced guitarist. You'll find plenty of tips for playing easier and more complex pieces # and for composing your own. Plus, you can play along with examples on the bonus CD!

Gear up to start playing # understand the different parts of a guitar, find the right guitar for you, string and tune the instrument, and develop basic playing skills
Immerse yourself in sounds and technique # play major and minor chords, master left- and right-hand techniques, and play melodies in position and double-stops
Get ready to rock! # from Chuck Berry to Keith Richards to The Edge, see how the best play barre chords, hot licks, and sweet leads
Play the blues # explore rhythm and lead techniques, signature riffs, blues progressions, and the achievements of great blues guitarists
Go classical # learn about the history of classical guitar, combine arpeggios and melody, and sample different genres
Practice, practice, practice # try your hand at major scales, minor scales, and chord exercises to rev up stalled skills
Write songs and music # check out different song forms, understand modes, and compose with chords

Open the book and find:

Plenty of music examples and practice exercises
Musical styles and genres through the years
Correct hand position and posture
Basic playing techniques
Standard music notation and tablature
Tips for playing up the neck
Ways to solo and improvise leads
Different fingerstyles to play
Accessories for your guitar
A comprehensive guitar chord chart

Bonus CD Includes:

More than 90 tracks all played by the authors
Songs from different guitar genres
Examples of chord progressions, riffs, and more
Major and minor scale patterns

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