Trevor James Alpha Sax USED

Trevor James Alpha Sax USED

  • £349.00

The Alphasax is a patented design by Trevor James perfect for the younger or smaller player. It is based around the original body tube of the TJ alto saxophone with completely redesigned mechanism and tone hole positioning in order to make it easier for the younger beginner saxophonist to hold and play. Whilst still playing in the key of Eb and having a full two octave range, it is 33% lighter than a standard alto sax and also has the following features, again all to help the younger or smaller player, so that they can kick start their playing without having to #wait until they are bigger or older#-

# The left hand palm keys for top D#, E and F have been removed.
# The top D key has been adjusted to fit small hands.
# The low B & Bb keys have been removed.
# Redesigned G# and low C# keys are now easier to reach.
# The right hand side F# keys and side C key have been removed.
# Redesigned low D# and C keys are now easier to reach.
# The Alphasax retains a fully chromatic range from low C to high D.
# Bb bis and side Bb keys are retained.
This particular instrument is second hand, but in very good condition. It has been to see our repairer and also has been play tested to ensure that it is in good playing order.
The Alpha sax comes complete with a lightweight case (backpack style), body harness (as opposed to the standard neck sling), black plastic Trevor James mouthpiece, cork grease and two 1.5 reeds, perfect to get your child started on their saxophone journey!

This model is also available to rent through our rental scheme. Please enquire for more details.

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