Popper: 15 Et#den F#r Violoncello

15 Etüden Für Violoncello (15 Etudes for Cello, Op. 76a) is a collection of 15 light Etudes for Cello, covering melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic technical points. It includes an accompaniment part for a 2nd Cello (ad lib), and was intended as a precursor to the composer#s Ten Moderate Etudes (Op. 76) and the 40 Large Etudes for the High School of Cello (Op. 73). David Popper (1843-1913) was among the greatest cellists of all time. His opus 73, the High School of Cello , is universally acknowledged as being among the finest and most challenging set of Cello Etudes ever composed.

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