Buffet Prodige Clarinet New

Buffet Prodige Clarinet New

  • £450.00


The Buffet B12 clarinet has long been one of our best selling student clarinets, being long established in the market and highly recommended by music teachers as the starter clarinet to invest in. The new Prodige model is the replacement for the ever popular B12 model, which Buffet aim to provide even better performance and sound for its student learners.
For the first time in this range, the required operations for creating perfect acoustics, especially the moulding and drilling of the bore, are performed entirely in France and Germany to ensure a consistent result.
The Prodige clarinets are made from ABS resin with an appearance and sound similar to that of genuine grenadilla wood with which the more expensive wooden models are made. The Prodige#s come with a new bore which its predecessor did not have, inspired by the renowned E13 model, allowing an unprecedented ease of play and projection of sound. The intervals between notes are pitch-perfect and balanced. The bell has also been re-worked to optimise projection.
The keywork is cold forged and induction soldered, and finished in high quality silver-plate. This combination makes the keywork strong and durable and attractive to look at. The Prodige model has white leather pads which ensure excellent sealing and will last well. It is also equipped with an adjustable thumb rest for correct and comfortable positioning.
The Buffet Prodige comes in a strong and durable zip-up case. There is a large, external zipped pocket for music and accessories. A durable handle on the top of the case and detachable, padded back-pack straps on the rear. There is also a small interior compartment for accessory storage, such as cork grease and reeds.
This model is also available to rent through our rental scheme. Please enquire in store for more details.

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