Guitar Grimoire Scales

Guitar Grimoire Scales

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Adam Kadmon: The Guitar Grimoire - Scales And Modes (Case Book)

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The best-selling Guitar Grimoire series from Adam Kadmon has swept away all others in the world of Guitar and Bass pedagogy, and the new pocket-size edition makes it easier than ever for players to consult its wealth of information on the go. The new pocket-sized Carl Fischer Case Book Series now contains a Guitar case-sized version of The Guitar Grimoire: Scales & Modes Volume 1. The Case Book version contains the complete contents of the original, but has been rearranged and condensed to a more gig bag-friendly size. This volume is simply essential for Guitar players, containing an encyclopedia with over 6,000 diagrams as well as charts, graphs and complete explanations of all 5, 6, 7, and 8 tone scales and modes.

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