Sor in Tablature

Sor in Tablature

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This collection includes 58 pieces of music by the Spanish Guitar master Fernando Sor as well as audio of the entire book, recorded by Ben Bolt. Ben Bolt believes these pieces are the "best of the best" for developing technique, musicianship, and exposing the guitarist to the ingenious musical world of Fernando Sor. Regardless of your current level of expertise, this music will be a joy to learn and listen to. Pieces include: Napoleon's Theme, E Minor at Midnight, Rhapsody in D, March of the Wooden Soldier and Easter Hymn. Ben Bolt's digital recordings of his arrangements are superb. His warm tone and singing vibrato bring Sor's music to life. All interpretations are classically correct. He plays on his Fleta and Sons concert Guitar made in Barcelona, Spain (1976).

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