RockSchool Hot Rock Grade 4

RockSchool Hot Rock Grade 4

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The Hot Rock series is about playing the music you love. Each grade book contains 8 classic rock tracks with specially edited exam pieces and the full transcription. Rockschool grade exams have an element of Free Choice. Out of the 3 exam pieces a Candidate has to prepare, 1 can be a Free Choice piece # a track to the Candidates choosing # this is where Hot Rock comes in. With specially edited classic rock tracks, Candidates can now play the music they love AND get a qualification. With full transcriptions and vocal lines, Hot Rock is also great for GCSE students. Each song has a Fact File that includes background information about the song and band and further recommended listening. Each song has a Walk Through that covers the tone for the song and gives bar by bar hints and tips, with alternative fingering and performance suggestions.

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