Really Easy Piano Justin Bieber

Really Easy Piano Justin Bieber

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This Really Easy Piano Justin Bieber songbook presents 16 of Bieber's greatest hits, complete with performance hints and tips and background notes for each song. Perfect for beginner pianists or young players looking to learn Bieber's best songs from his early career right up to the present, this songbook features easy piano arrangements.
Including Bieber's early hits like Baby, Eenie Meenie and Mistletoe, through to his massive hits Love Yourself, Sorry and Where Are Ü Now, this Really Easy Piano collection is ideal for long-term fans of the singer or for those looking to learn his catchy melodies and memorable songs.
Each tune that's included comes with fascinating background information, as well as performance hints and tips that will help you get the most out of playing these 16 hits. Chord symbols and fingering guidance is included throughout.

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