Willy Wonka Easy Piano

Willy Wonka Easy Piano

  • £8.50


Recapture the magic and wonder of the original Chocolate Facory with the songs that have made the film a perennial favourite for adults and children alike. These great songs have now been aranged for easy Piano, so now everyone can enjoy playing them, regardless of ability. From the oom-pah of elated wonder, I've Got A Golden Ticket, the bizarre psychedelia of Oompa-Loompa Doompadee-Doo or the simple dreamy beauty of Pure Imagination, these songs have entertained and ignited imaginations ever since the film's release in 1971. With the 2005 release of a Tim Burton remake reinvigorating interest in this timeless story, there is no better excuse to indulge in the songs that grabbed the attention and tugged at the heart the first time around.

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