Boss OC-3

Boss OC-3

  • £115.00

The BOSS OC-3 octave-down pedal addresses (as far as we know) ALL issues octave pedals have suffered through the years. On the OCT-2 mode, as with this pedal's predecessor the OC-2, we still have the one and two octaves down but with greater tracking and stability.
Two other modes have been added, too. Yes, two, too. But not a tutu.
Polyphonic mode allows you to dial in the specific frequency from which the octave is triggered meaning that a full chord will only have the bass notes replicated an octave down - perfect for a solo guitarist who wants a bass line accompaniment without the associated musician!
Drive mode does exactly what you expect, overdriving the blended octave note. Perfect for accompanying the ballet recital. In a tutu.

Width 73mm depth 129mm height 59mm weight 0.4kg

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