Bach - 4 Sonatas For Flute

Bach - 4 Sonatas For Flute

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Four Sonatas comprises: BWV 1034-1035 for Flute and Basso Continuo, and; BWV 1030 and 1032 for Flute and obbligato Harpsichord. Bach#s preferred instrument for chamber music, after the violin, was the traverse flute. Yet today it is impossible to determine exactly how much music he wrote for this instrument or the genesis of those compositions that survive. The elegance and fluency of the flute writing reflects Bach#s understanding and love of the instrument. This Urtext edition provides you with an accurate realisation of the composer#s original intentions with thoroughly detailed editorial markings and suggestions, as edited by Hans-Peter Schmitz and, more recently, revised by Ulrich Leisinger. The solo flute and cello/viola (continuo) parts are also included on separate inserts.

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