Clarke Hypnosis Flute

Clarke Hypnosis Flute

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Hypnosis - flute & piano based on improvisations with Clarke/Hicks/Painter

(now also in new 3 pieces compilation, with Spiral Lament and The Mad Hatter) Along with 'maya', Sunstreams# & #Sunday Morning#, #Hypnosis# lies in the category of pieces that are re-workings of tracks originally co-written by Ian with David Hicks and Simon Painter when they worked together both in the studio and as a performing rock group. Chronologically they are the oldest in origin although they were revisited by Ian some years after the group disbanded. #Hypnosis# was one of the most popular tracks in live performance alongside a more conventional set of rock songs. It evolved as a structured improvisation over numerous gigs between 1986 & 1988. The piece was developed into a piano and flute piece by Ian in 1994. Many of the sixteenth/semi-quaver motifs of the piano were amongst new developments whilst the original opening bass line can still be heard. Inevitably due to the nature of its evolution as a piece the line of the flute has a naturally expressive, free and organic quality. There are no required extended techniques and the piece does not require open-holes or a B foot joint; there is an optional bend to the last note. There are easier alternatives for some of the runs and an optional high D climax; the less virtuosic runs are marked as the principal option whilst the more difficult runs are marked as the ossia or alternative.

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