TV Movies and Musicals Flute

TV Movies and Musicals Flute

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Play 50 top hits from movies and musical theater on the Flute. This collection features pieces from Glee, The Lord Of The Rings, Porgy & Bess, Frozen, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Toy Story and more. This book is part of Alfred's Top Hits From TV, Movies & Musicals series for solo instruments. All Wind arrangements are completely compatible with each other and can be successfully performed as ensembles or solos by students who have completed the first book of any standard band method. Each book features a carefully edited part complete with articulations, dynamic markings and keys well-suited to the level 2-3 player. A fully orchestrated MP3 CD is also provided. The CD includes a demo track of each song, which features a live instrumental performance, followed by a play-along track. In addition, PDF documents are included with specially designed Piano accompaniments that can be easily played by a teacher or intermediate Piano student. **Please note: The CD included in this set can only be used with an MP3 compatible player**.

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