Trevor James 10x Curved Head Flute X/R

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The Trevor James 10x curved head flute is a perfect starter instrument for children who aren't ready for a full size flute. Award winning, this flute offers all the perks of the straight head flute for the younger beginner and boasts all the same features including its free blowing nature. The instrument is used so shows some minor scratches but still plays well and has been check over by a repairer. The case has seen better days and the zip on the front pouch no longer works. This instrument can be rented.

-Silver-plated body and head joint
-Advanced headjoint features (to make the instrument as free blowing as possible so new players can produce a full and rich sound with ease)
-Italian padding (these allow the keys to close with an airtight seal which is vital to the instruments performance)
-Felt under the tail arms (this allows for the keys to be operated without the usual clicky sound making it much quieter)

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