Ragtime Piano arr Jean Kleeb

Ragtime Piano arr Jean Kleeb

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Most listeners associate #ragtime# with the music of Scott Joplin, one of the earliest African-American composers to straddle the divide between classical and popular music. It was Joplin who brought this musical style to the pinnacle of perfection. The term #ragtime# stems from #ragged time# and describes the contrast between the sprightly syncopated melodies in the right hand and the accentuated #oom-pah# bass in the left. This collection offers deeper insight into Joplin#s art, a combination of folk music, African rhythms and classical piano music. Jean Kleeb has simplified the works and added fingering. Edition in celebration of Joplins# 150th anniversary in 2018. 7 typical and well-known pieces in their entirety. Difficult passages are simplified. With fingering.

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