Crash Course Keyboard

Crash Course Keyboard

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The Crash Course: Keyboard is a tuition method designed to allow you to learn the Keyboard in just 8 weeks. This fast-track guide will help you develop technique and style on the Keyboard, taking you from novice to competent performer day-by-day. The included audio download features demonstrations of every exercise.

Crash Course Keyboard requires a commitment to learning, but features daily lessons, end-of-week tests and demonstration audio to turn your dream of playing the Keyboard into reality in the shortest possible time. Using the book and audio download, you'll develop good Keyboard technique, learn to read notation and chord symbols and understand music theory. As you progress through the days and weeks, you'll begin to play tunes, bass lines and riffs, before improvising and eventually being able to play a range of styles, from blues and jazz to rock and reggae.

The Crash Course series condenses many years of learning into an eight week schedule, allowing you to learn the most fundamental parts of the Keyboard in just two months. Each day of each week is logically structured so that you learn the basics through all the key concepts in the most ordered way possible. The accompanying audio download gives you instant online access to matching audio demonstrations of all the exercises, so that you can hear exactly how things should sound, before nailing it yourself.

The author, David Mitchell, is an experienced music educator and musician, who has also included a helpful introductory section, where he details what to expect from the Crash Course Keyboard, as well as a brief note on the capabilities of the Keyboard, how to practise effectively and a quick guide to notation, ensuring that even absolute beginners can get started on the instrument with this course.

If you are looking for a way to learn the Keyboard but feel like you're too busy during the day, or don't have the motivation to devote so much time to practising, Crash Course Keyboard is for you. By devoting a set amount of time per day to learning, you will progress quickly while the incentive to play will not decrease. In just two months, your playing could be up to a standard you're proud of.

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