Barenreiter Piano Album - Vienna Classic

Barenreiter Piano Album - Vienna Classic

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Easy to moderately difficult pieces by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven # the three great classics of the # Viennese School # # form the main focus of this album. But these three #greats# were not the only composers to leave an imprint on piano music between 1760 and 1827. Accordingly, this collection also contains appealing pieces by Mozart#s pupils Thomas Attwood and Johann Nepomuk Hummel and the composer-publisher Anton Diabelli . Works by such contemporaries as Anton Benda, Daniel G. Türk and James Hook also introduce pianists to the great expressive range of classical piano music. As appealing in its contents as in its appearance, this collection is rounded off with annotated color illustrations of contemporary keyboard instruments. It consists entirely of original compositions accompanied by reliable fingering. By focusing on relatively short pieces in a wide range of forms, the volume is ideal for adding variety to piano lessons while conveying a vivid impression of the major genres of classical piano music, from dances and variations to the nascent sonata form.

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