Cole Porter Definitive Album

Cole Porter: The Definitive Songbook - The Platinum Collection presents 50 classic songs by one of America#s foremost songwriters, arranged for Piano and Voice with Guitar chords. All songs have been newly engraved, thoroughly researched and edited to provide the best edition available. The list of songs includes the immortal pieces I Get A Kick Out Of You, I#ve Got You Under My Skin and Let#s Do It (Let#s Fall In Love) popularised by swing legends such as Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. Cole Porter was celebrated not only for the craftsmanship and beauty of his music, but for the wit and sophistication of his lyrics, which he wrote himself # a talent that set him apart from other songwriters of the time. Thanks to his early musical training he#d been responsible for six full productions and some 300 songs by the time he finished his education at Yale, at the age of 22. His legacy is an almost unbelievable treasure-house of great songs # witty, catchy, frivolous and deep # they represent the very highest achievement of the songwriter#s art. This glorious journey through 50 of the best Cole Porter songs will add to any musician#s repertoire and will delight both performers and audiences everywhere.

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