Splash! Easy Pieces on Water

Splash! Easy Pieces on Water

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Learn 25 easy Piano pieces on the theme of water with the help of 'Splash', the beloved Keyboard crocodile. In this repertoire book by Karin Daxböck Splash has finally made it back to his original habitat. Obviously the friendly reptile only feels truly happy amidst original Piano literature, and you'll be amazed to see how many gently flowing or wildly cascading pieces have been produced over the past two centuries. In Splash! Easy Piano Pieces About Water you'll find pieces by masters such as Czerny, Schumann, Gurlitt and Theodor Kirchner; some white-water pieces from William Gillock and Mike Schoenmehl; and with the Little Atlantic Rhapsody an ocean breeze will sweep through every Piano lesson. Do not worry if you're afraid of water, however, since Splash is also ideal for non-swimmers. The pieces are generally a bit more demanding than those in the 'Horses' book (EB 8780), but this definitely need not dampen anyone's enthusiasm. With this book, learning the Piano will go swimmingly.

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