Tchaikovsky Selected Works 1

Tchaikovsky Selected Works 1

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Tchaikovsky: Selected Works for Piano, Vol. 1

Contains 16 of Tchaikovsky's piano works: Scherzo a la Russe Opus 1 No.1, Capriccio Opus 8, Theme and Variations Opus 19 No.6, Six Pieces on a Theme Opus 21, Doumka Opus 59, Ruines d'un Chateau Opus 2 No.1, Chant Sans Paroles Opus 2 No.3, Romance Opus 5, Valse Scherzo Opus 7, Polka de Salon Opus 9 No.2, Mazurka de Salon Opus 9 No.3, Nocturne Opus 10 No.1, Humoresque Opus 10 No.2, Reverie du Soir Opus 19 No.1, Feuillet d'Album Opus 19 No.3 and Nocturne Opus 19 No.4.

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