Clever Cat At The Seaside

Clever Cat At The Seaside

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Clever Cat at the Seaside follows on from Clever Cat, the first volume in the series. Although the technical level is a little higher, the format of each duet remains the same: virtually every note in the pupil's part is first played by the teacher in a higher or lower octave, so encouraging correct fingering, phrasing, dynamics and articulation. For the most part, the range of keys has been restricted to C, F and G majors and their relative minors which will suit young players in their earliest years at the piano. 
his time, Clever Cat enjoys all the pleasures that a day at the seaside can bring: the excitement of hoisting the pirate flag in The Boat Trip, sleepy contentment in Watching the Waves, exploring the 
ysteries of The Rock Pool and The Echoing Caves and the problem of sticky paws and whiskers in Candy Floss. The 15 descriptive and contrasting duets make delightful performance pieces. 

The CD - for listening and participating 
As well as providing play-along tracks for practice between lessons, the CD contains enhanced performances of each duet which will bring the style and atmosphere of each piece alive. And, as a bonus, Clever Cat himself sings Candy Floss - a catchy song which will amuse performers and their audiences.

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