Clever Cat - Beginner Piano

Clever Cat - Beginner Piano

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These duets are based on the simple idea of the pupil copying the teacher. They'll have young beginners happily playing with a real feeling of achievement - in their first lesson! 

Together with Clever Cat, young players can have fun putting into practice the basic skills learnt during their first year of piano lessons. 
# Amusing illustrations quickly remind pupils of the mood and varying styles of the pieces
# There are opportunities for adding finger-clicks and vocal effects. eg Caterwaulin' includes 'miaows' for both pupil and teacher 
# A fun way of providing extra practice of five-finger exercises, scales, broken chords and arpeggios, which won't feel too much like hard work!
# The included CD contains performances of each duet and play-along tracks for pupils to use at home
# Ideal as performance pieces, these duets will delight performers, and audiences alike

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