Beethoven: Complete Bagatelles

The present volume contains the complete Bagatelles of Beethoven, which are here reproduced according to the edition of the Pianoforte works already issued by the same publisher (HN12). Progressing from his youthful works, we here learn to know the Beethoven of the #middle# period, as manifested let us say in the virtuosity and power of the Bagatelles op. 33, nos. 5 and 7. In the Bagatelles, op. 119 and 126, the simple humanity and goodness of the #late# Beethoven then speak to us in a conclusive form. This edition closely follows Beethoven#s manner of notation. In distributing the notes between the two staves exactly as in the autographs (that is, by abandoning the usual and more convenient change of clef, which disturbs the visual uniformity of the notation) the vertical tonal connections and relationships are now more easily perceptible of the eye.

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