Beethoven: Grand Sonata in Ab Op.26

A truly magnificent piano work, as you might expect from the Great Master! The Sonata in A Flat Op.26 is a challenging and impressive piece that carries his characteristic grandeur, detail and expression, all evident right from the start. Structurally this piece contains great interest, what with the #theme and variation# form of the first movement, and the juxtaposition of a short Scherzo movement between the first movement and the slow third movement Maestoso Andante. Also, interestingly, the fourth movement Allegro ends with the same hushed dynamics with which it begins, which contrasts strikingly with the usual fiery and rousing ending one encounters in the 'finale' of a sonata. This edition of the work is taken from the renowned ABRSM 'Signature' series and has been edited by Barry Cooper with fingerings by David Ward.

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