Beethoven Grande Sonata Op7 Pf

Beethoven Grande Sonata Op7 Pf

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Beethoven, Ludwig van: Grande Sonate for Pianoforte E-flat major op. 7

If the nickname #Appassionata# was appropriate for one of Beethoven#s Sonatas, it would be for his E-flat major Sonata op. 7 rather than his famous work in F minor op. 57. This was Carl Czerny#s opinion who felt that op. 7 was written in a rather passionate state of mind. It was not only Beethoven#s first #Grande Sonate# but also his first work of this genre which he had published individually.
The earliest sketches for Beethoven#s Grande Sonate op. 7 date from 1796 and the first edition was issued in October 1797. This work is one of the longest and most demanding of Beethoven#s piano sonatas. Its four movements cover a wide range of emotions # a challenge that may well have overtaxed the dedicatee, Beethoven#s then 16 year old pupil Anna Luise Barbara (Babette) Countess Keglevicz.
The worldwide renowned Beethoven specialist Jonathan Del Mar draws on all available sources for his scholarly-critical Urtext edition. The result of his thorough research is a reliable musical text accompanied by a detailed Critical Commentary. The elegant engraving with practical page turns and an optimal layout for this complex music meet the needs of performers. Indispensable information on performance-related issues (the use of the pedal, articulation, ornaments) adds to the value of this edition.

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