Beethoven Sonata No 5 C Minor

The Piano Sonata No. 5 in C Minor (Op.10, No.1) was written in 1798 and dedicated to Anna Margarete von Browne, the wife of a Russian diplomat who was Beethoven's main patron at the time. One of his earlier works, it is in three movements: Allegro molto e con brio - Adagio molto # Prestissimo. Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 # 1827) was a German composer and pianist, and arguably the most famous composer of all time. He was the last great figure of the Classical era, and helped pave the way for the Romantic style that followed. His compositions include 9 Symphonies, 5 Piano Concertos, 1 Violin Concerto, 32 Piano Sonatas, and 16 String Quartets.

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