Brahms: Ballades Op.10

The instrumental ballad was a popular musical form in the 19th century and these four pieces for piano are Brahms#s only contribution to the genre. The composer wrote the ballades during the time of his close friendship with Clara Schumann, and they exude an intimacy more typical of a vocal ballad. The pieces, which Schumann enthusiastically praised, were described by Brahms as being #not too difficult to play and even less difficult to understand. Brahms#s Ballades op. 10 form an integral part of the advanced piano literature. This publication represents a valuable addition to the repertoire of Brahms#s piano works in Bärenreiter Urtext editions. The fingering by Brahms specialist Christian Köhn, the clear notation and optimum page turns fulfil the requirements of a practical performing edition. A detailed foreword with information on performance practice, the compositional process, sources and the significance of the work completes the edition.

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