Chopin Polonaise Fantaisie Ab

Frédéric Chopin#s Polonaise-Fantaisie In Ab Major Op.61 was composed and published in 1846 and is dedicated to Mme A. Veyret. The work was initially slow to gain favour with musicians due to its intricate form and harmonic complexity. One of the first critics to speak positively about it was Arthur Hedley who wrote, in 1947, that the work 'works on the hearer's imagination with a power of suggestion equaled only by the F minor Fantasy or the fourth Ballade'. While Chopin is said to have referred initially to the piece only as a Fantasy, the Polonaise-Fantasie takes its metre, much of its rhythm and some of its melodic character from the polonaise. This Henle Urtext Edition for solo Piano has been edited by Ewald Zimmermann and includes fingering by Hans-Martin Theopold.

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