Clementi: Piano Sonatas Selection Vol.1

This is a wonderful selection of Piano Sonatas by Muzio Clementi. A dedicated player and pioneer of the Piano, which led to him being dubbed the father of the piano, Italian composer and Pianist Muzio Clementi created a large repertoire of long-lived and revered sonatas for Piano, especially during his time in England. Clementi was the consummate Piano devotee: his performances, didactic exercises and sonatas for mature pianists, all helped to popularize the instrument throughout Europe. This Urtext edition of these Piano Sonatas Volume 1 (Klaviersonaten Auswahl Band 1), edited by Sonja Gerlach and Alan Tyson, and fingered by Hans-Martin Theopold, provides you with an accurate realisation of the composer#s original intentions, with thorough and detailed editorial markings and suggestions.

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