Debussy: Suite Bergamasque

The Suite Bergamasque is one of the most famous Piano suites by Claude Debussy. Debussy wrote the first version of it in 1890, but the final version wasn#t finished or published until 1905. The suite recalls rococo decorousness with a modern cynicism and puzzlement, and contains one of Debussy's most popular pieces, Clair de Lune (ca. 6.40 minutes). The other three movements are: Prelude (ca. 6 minutes), Menuet (ca. 5.15 minutes) and Passepied (ca. 5.30 minutes). Every movement in the suite reflects Debussy#s non-traditional, #impressionist# style, largely influenced by symbolism. According to the traditional belief Suite Bergamasque is a basic reflection of end of the century French symbolist poet, Paul Verlaine#s Fêtes galantes (Gallant parties). This Urtext edition takes the original edition as its basis and the comments at the end of it provide detailed information on the sources and alternative readings. A preface by François Lesure is also included. Just as most other Piano works of Debussy, Suite Bergamasque is a challenging, but rewarding piece. Movements may be played separately or together.

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