Frederic Chopin: Walzer (Urtext)

Chopin composed some of the best, most well known and virtuosic works in the Piano repertoire which remain as ever refreshing and vital today. Chopin composed seventeen waltzes, all of which are included in this Urtext edition, offering some of the warmest and most delightful melodies you could ever wish to play. This Urtext edition provides you with an accurate realization of the composer#s original intentions and includes detailed and thorough editorial markings and suggestions. The appendix includes two more waltzes in E flat, the first of which, marked Sostenuto, in the opinion of some scholars could also be grouped with the mazurkas or nocturnes, while the second is probably a spurious work. However, since the composition cannot be ascribed to any definite composer, it has been included in the present volume.

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