Grieg Peer Gynt Suite No.1 &2

Grieg Peer Gynt Suite No.1 &2

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Grieg : Peer Gynt Suites 1&2: Piano Solo (Schott)

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In 1888 Grieg arranged four pieces from his incidental music for Ibsen#s verse drama Peer Gynt to form an orchestral suite (Op. 46). This was followed in 1891 by a second orchestral suite (Op. 55) again comprising 4 pieces. Both suites quickly became established in the concert repertoire and contributed significantly to Grieg#s international fame. He made piano arrangements of both suites and published them simultaneously with the orchestral suites in 1888 and 1893. Grieg subsequently made further adjustments in the piano pieces: shortening some, for example #Morning#, and expanding others like #The Death of Åse#. Overall, Grieg reduces the dramatic orchestral conception in favour of a more intimate expression and more restrained effects.

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