J.S. Bach: Zweistimmige Inventionen (Urtext)

J.S. Bach: Zweistimmige Inventionen (Urtext)

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J.S. Bach: Zweistimmige Inventionen (Urtext) Two-part Inventions

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Zweistimmige Inventionen (Two Part Inventions) is the title given by Johann Sebastian Bach in 1723 at the head of his fair copy of those two and three part studies that he had written in preceding years for teaching purposes, having undertaken the musical instruction his sons, particularly the eldest, Wilhelm Friedemann. These little pieces were the work of a musical pedagogue possessing not only creative gifts and a consummate knowledge of art, but also a deep sense of artistic responsibility, which has lent them that potency throughout the ages that makes them even today a ground-work of piano teaching and a real pleasure and delight to perform. Bach#s Zweistimmige Inventionen (Two Part Inventions) are a wonderful collection of short pieces, which serve as excellent studies to help develop technique, control and style in the advancing pianist#s performance. This Urtext edition, edited by Rudolf Steglich and fingered by Hans-Martin Theopold, provides you with an accurate realisation of the composer#s original intentions, with thorough editorial markings and suggestions.

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