Martinu Marionnettes Piano Bk1

Martinu Marionnettes Piano Bk1

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Martinu B. - Puppets (Loutky), Book One (little pieces for piano)

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This cycle of piano pieces occupies an exceptional position among other compositions of Martinus early period. Because of its artistic and aesthetic challenge, the cycle Puppets indeed goes beyond any other work more or less of didactic and study nature characteristic of this period. Martinu composed the cycle between 1912 - 1925 and during these years, Puppets were altered and rewritten many times. This fact also explains the contradiction in the way individual books of the cycle are numbered: Puppets I are chronologically the youngest whereas Puppets III are chronologically the oldest ones. The third book (Puppets I) has its origins in 1925. Similar to the second part, it contains 5 short pieces: these are : Columbine Dances, The New Puppet, The Shy Puppet, Fairy-Tale and finally, The Puppets Dance. All three books of the cycle, hardly missing in the repertoire of any young pianist, represent a rewarding study material verified by the performing practice of many years.

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