Ravel: Sonatine for Piano

Maurice Ravel#s Sonatine for Piano Solo, composed in 1905, has a classical form in the style of Haydn, blended with modern harmonisation. It is very different from the impressionist style of Debussy and is characterised by a delightful spontaneity. The first movement has a feeling of nostalgic freshness, bright and clear. The second movement harks to late 18th-century elegance and structured form. The third movement has a virile energy pulsing through several sequential patterns to plaintive charm and brings a return of the initial theme. This contrast of vitality and tenderness is finished with a sparkling climax. This Urtext Edition of Ravel's Sonatine For Piano Solo has been reproduced from original manuscripts and accurate transcriptions to be as close to the composer#s intentions as possible and also contains detailed background notes as well as a full critical commentary for this edition.

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